Everyone who uses this site must be registered!  

The $5 registration includes a download of the book so that you can learn about this project.  The $5 registration fee also includes a 1 : 1,000 chance of winning an all expense paid sailing and scuba adventure chosen on week 20 of the competition.

Volunteers, crew, competitors, actors and others may have additional requirements as listed below.

Anyone sailing as a competitor, crew, volunteer or actor must pass the following $250 qualification training in person or by video conference.

  • 200 yard swim, any stroke no time limit
  • travel one mile in 12 minutes
  • complete a sports physical signed by a physician
  • complete a 16 hour basic sailing course
  • complete a four hour lifesaving course
  • complete 8 hour US Coast Guard rules training

Optional training included with the $250 (for competitors only)

  • Complete Red Cross lifeguard certification
  • 20 hours swimming stroke improvement
  • 12 additional hours of sailing instruction or practice
  • Complete pool and classroom scuba training
  • 8 hours of US Coast Guard navigation training

After completing the minimum required training, all competitors must intern by teaching or assisting for at least 8 hours locally and 8 hours open water.

When 250 people have completed the qualification training, 200 will be chosen to be competitors.  Their week of competition costs $500.  During their week they will have to complete the open water portion of any sailing, scuba, lifesaving and US Coast Guard training which is $250.

Each competitor will be responsible for their own air fare, travel and food.

The competition will cost:

$5 to register, $250 to qualify, $500 for your competition week, $250 open water training, your airfare and your food.

Once you are part of a S-corporation for your 10 person team, you should be able to write off your airfare, training, food and other expenses for the week on your taxes.  This will reduce your out of pocket cost substantially.

Once a corporation has paid for everyone’s expenses for that week, excess revenue is shared with all the corporations to get each corporation to break even on expenses.  Revenue is then split 60/40 with 60% going to the Ability Teams and 40% going to corporations until each person earns a maxiumum of $1,000 per week, after tax profit, at which time all remaining revenue will go to the Ability Teams.

Their are no limits to what you can win, as each corporation has the goal to operate their own vessel and world adventure business.

Complete information can be found after you register.