Welcome to the Lobby!

Understanding how the forums work

First time users, please select the group called “The Ability Revolution” from the directory page. Then, use your profile located at the top right corner of your browser.  Use the pull-down menu in your profile to select groups, and then memberships.  Next, visit the “New User” forum (if somebody builds that!) to learn the features of this site.  Competitors will be responsible for creating this content and all content but anyone may place content in the forums.  Part of your score will be based on how your profile looks and how much interaction you have with this community.

Competitors are judged on how complete their profile is and how active they are in the forums creating content.   Content can be anything such as lesson plans, pictures, art, new web pages.

This website starts on September 24, 2018 and it is up to the competitors to create content.  For example, you could request administrator status and help to manage the website.

After you have joined the Group “The Ability Revolution”, this button will take you to all the groups.

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The lobby is where you learn how to build an interactive community, register for the Tropical Adventure Competition and apply for other positions.  Right now two websites land on this page.  theabilityrevolution.com and kickstarterparty.com.  Other websites may land here as the kickstarterparty group develops them.  The kickstarterparty website is designed to be a brainstorming entreprenurial session with a pirate theme.  We haven’t started it yet.

Kickstarterparty.com members should immediately obtain a time stamp by going here

Everyone should consider getting a kickstarterparty timestamp, even if you do not have a business idea ready to go.

Everyone has access to all the sites that lead to this page.  More will be coming as the community grows!  kickstarterparty.com information is here

Download the latest version of the book here.

The first people to join will find an empty website!

If you have read the homepage, you will have learned that four people will win cruising adventure based on their contributions to the building of forums in this website.  The links on the homepage gives you a lot of training information, the book gives you complete information.  To win cruising adventure or to help this project succeed, your job is to create forums, discussion topics, lesson plans, adventures and to build a community site from the inside.  All of the material that you create is linked to your profile.  Your efforts will be part of history in the making!

Competitors are scored on how much information they upload to the forums and by how well they help everyone.  They are also responsible for developing training and reference material and developing all information in the forum.  Anyone may contribute material and if you become a competitor, all of the material that you posted and your participation in the forums will be counted as part of your score.  On week 20, of the contest, the forum will choose four people, who were the most helpful to win an all expense paid week aboard the catamaran.

You then join or create groups or forums for your area of interest.

Now that you are registered the menu will give you access to other sections on this website.

Competitors should download and read the book to understand the contest before requesting a time stamp, but that choice is yours.

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Competitors should download the competitor packet found on the home page of this site.    After you read and understand it,  you may register below. 

Upload completed forms here 

Registration is OPEN

The crew or contest winners for the pilot do not need a timestamp.  All of your expenses are included.

Qualification Timestamp - $250 (includes competitor training)

Qualification Timestamp - $250 (includes competitor training)

When the registration closes, final crew positions will be assigned.  Training is assigned on a first come basis as are the crew positions and sailing dates.

For the first year only, qualification is based on a first come basis for the first 200 people to pay for a registration time stamp.  The last 100 crew spots will have a competition for these positions.  50 alternate competitors can also sign up to be on the waiting list.  The time stamp fee is 100% refundable up to 3 days before your scheduled training date..

When you schedule training, this is also on a first come basis according to your time stamp.

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