Employment Strategy

Under Construction – Aquatics/Manufacturing/Boarding school/Group Home

  • Zoning – Business, residence and boarding school at the same location
  • Care Supports – Onsite CNA program produces care givers
  • Vocation Choice – Aquatics, manufacturing, health care & more
  1. Tropical Adventure Competition – creates the aquatic business
  2. CNA Boarding School – funded by the aquatic business
  3. Manufacturing – CNA Ability Teams support the workers

Training, care & funding from this location supports employment at typical three bedroom homes.  A CNA Ability team can care for a person needing assisted living care.  The CNA Ability team and the person they are caring for, have the option of living at the same location. The CNA Ability Team is paid to provide assisted living services by insurance, medicaid, medicare or self pay.  This allows a person that needs assisted living care to affordably live in their own home and receive the care they need.  It also provides housing and employment for the CNA Ability Team.

Our first “Working Group Home”, is a business based on aquatics but other Working Group Homes, can be based on food service, animal care, manufacturing, music, art, home repair and practically anything else.  Training, funding and care giver support from our location will help other Ability Team businesses succeed.