Disabled Employment, Assisted Living And Transition

“We all need an ability revolution” …Patch Adams MD

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The Ability Revolution

The Ability Revolution is about turning ordinary homes into Working Group Homes that can employ two people with disabilities and provide assisted living services to a third person.

The Ability Team

Two people with disabilities, one developmentally disabled and one physically disabled, join together to form an Ability Team.  A person with Down Syndrome or Autism could team up with a person who has paralysis or amputations.  The developmentally disabled person provides the mobility for the team and the physically disabled person provides supervision for the team and full function is achieved.

The team can now complete many tasks that they could not do on their own, such as cutting the grass, painting the house, repairing the lawnmower, cooking complex meals, doing other household chores and engaging in a wide variety of vocations.

A CNA Ability Team

Our goal is to train an Ability Team to become a state-recognized Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA Ability Team).  Two people would be under one certification and they would both have to be working together for the certification to be valid.  The names of both team members would be on one certificate.

A Working Group Home

A CNA Ability team could live together at the same residence and take care of a third person in that residence, who needs assisted living care.  This would change a typical three bedroom house into a Working Group Home.  The CNA Ability Team could be reimbursed about $19/hr. by Medicaid to care for a third person in the house.

A Working Group Home (WGH) eliminates two major hurdles to employment, transportation and being away from care supports.  One advantage of this is that the person receiving care has access to assistance and supervision, 24 hours a day and not just by a visiting CNA.

Pack 114 – Special Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America, will be employed to manage our first WGH that is being built at an aquatic center, and to train to be the first CNA Ability Team.

While our WGH is under construction (shown near the bottom of this page).  Pack 114 – Special Scouts are based at the Hearthstone Community Center.

Pack 114 is now training a wide variety of aquatic and rescue specialists that will guide our programs and launch our Tropical Adventure Competition.  Pack 114 will be employed to manage our permanent facility, called the Marc Alan Lee Aquatic Center once it is built.

Specialists that Pack 114 is training, includes instructors for lifeguarding, scuba, sailing, USCG Captain training and a wide variety of rescue and safety courses.  Over 300 people will need training to enter and succeed at our Tropical Adventure Competition. It is the job of Pack 114 to manage this project and train our leaders.

Once our permanent facility is built, Pack 114 will be located there and two of our scouts will go on to become the worlds first CNA Ability Team.  Pack 114 can be found at http://boyscoutaquatics.org

$5 register to enter this site, Access our training, download the book, become a competitor, volunteer or BE part of the  production crew

Everyone (18 or older) who enters this site will have a 1:1,000 chance of winning an all-expense paid one-week sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

The four most helpful people in the forum will win an all expense paid sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands, chosen during week 20 of the competition.

Grand opening – Kick-off Event
Tropical Adventure & ENTREPRENEURIAL Competition

The purpose of this competition is to inspire people to train at the aquatic center operated by the disabled scouts of Pack 114.  The aquatic center will later fund and operate a CNA boarding school for other disabled adults.

300 Competitors 

Raising Money for The Charity, School or Cause of Their Choice!

Contest information

The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 (C) (3), and the host of the competition.

See the Atlanta Volunteers, +7,500 members and over 500 events here 

Dolphin Rodeo Inc. is a for-profit corporation that this website and book is about.   They operate the competition as a fundraiser for the Atlanta Volunteers and will employ disabled adults.

You can download the latest version of the book free, after you register.  💯% of the $5 admission price to enter this site and download the book, goes to support Pack 114, Special Scouts!

This true story, nearing its destination and told in our book and the 35-episode TV documentary series, is the most creative, adventurous, altruistic and practical solution you will ever hear of for transition and assisted living for our disabled or elderly loved ones.

This documentary series follows two stories each week; a healthcare milestone and the tropical adventure competition providing the funding for that milestone.

How we get to our destination, will be even more amazing as the TV documentary series will show some bizarre inventions such as wood burning underwater, electric vehicles powered by biomass electrical generators and much more. The biomass unit has been in operation since just before the Discovery Channel shot episode 9 of the Ultimate Car Challenge, “The Underwater Vehicle” at our pool called “The Marc Alan Lee Aquatic Center.”  These are just a few examples of a collection of inventions, innovations and paradigm shifts that have all converged at one point, to create a dream for a 16 y/o boy with Down Syndrome.  The dream is simple, the American Dream.  And now, it is time to share it with everyone.

Aerial view of the Aquatic Center, operational and under construction.

Our working prototype biomass heater burning wood underwater Submersible amphibious vehicles from the Discovery Channel, “Ultimate Car Challenge.”

The book is a free doc download when you enter this site, or you can buy it from Amazon. here for $10.95

The kindle download is free inside this website or you can buy it from Amazon here for $3.95