“Tropical Adventure Competition”

A team of 10 people is the crew for a large catamaran.  The team explores and researches a tropical island to create the best adventure they can.  30 teams will compete to win one of 5 Grand Prizes.

The pilot explains the competition and how it supports the Ability Teams who manage the Aquatic Center.

The pilot will be shot in the British Virgin Islands Feb. 23 to Mar. 3 aboard this yacht.

Here is a video of a sister ship of the yacht.

Competition Objective

This competition raises funds for Ability Teams and charities of the winner’s choice.  30 teams of 10 people each, compete to be the best fund raising corporation using the resources of a local training center and a luxury catamaran sailing to tropical adventure destinations.

Each week, for 30 weeks, a different 10 person crew tries to create the best tropical adventure possible.  There are 5 overall winners, one for each of 5 categories: best sailing, scuba and sports adventure; best historical, science or ecology adventure; best medical relief or rescue adventure; best nightlife, restaurant, shopping and island attraction adventure; best adventure overall.

The five winners will have their adventure auctioned off or donated to benefit the charity of their choice. Two or more people will be chosen by the winning corporations to crew their adventure.

Five second place entrepreneurial winners will qualify by producing more revenue than expenses to create the highest level of fund raising for Ability Teams.  The winners decide who will crew their cruises.

During their competition week, competitors will learn how to be crew members for their own tropical adventure cruise.  They complete their qualification training and produce marketing material during and after the competition week to create their adventure.

These rules only apply to the first 300 competitors of year one as they are chosen on a first come basis according to when they qualify.  Higher qualification and performance standards will occur every year.

Methods Of Producing Revenue for Ability Teams

  • Each of the 30 teams has their own corporation. They will produce 22 minutes of video for marketing.  A production crew will ensure that this video will be suitable as a web series with the possibility of a broadcast production. This is the primary method of revenue production as it markets the adventures to the general public.
  • All competitors and the production crew will collaborate on the series to create drama and parallel plot lines that will increase viewers and broadcast revenue.
  • Competitors can sell and/or crew one or two weeks of sailing charters.
  • Competitors can market and conduct, aquatic, scuba, sailing or athletic training locally or tropically.
  • Everyone can use corporate tax breaks to write off air fare, travel and other expenses since all competitors are organized into corporations.
  • Competitors can offer specialty services such as a gourmet chef, live music, scientific studies or any other feature that markets your adventure.
  • Any method that produces revenue can be used.
  • Your spectacular tropical adventures,  can be auctioned off to the highest bidders or sold at retail prices.
  • Competition winners will have their adventure auctioned off with the proceeds going to the charity of their choice.

Simply producing a spectacular TV series will do more than accomplish our marketing goal.   Some of the corporations may go on to operate their own vessel or tropical get-away with the business drawn in by the TV or web series.

You should read the book, “The Ability Revolution”, to fully understand the contest and the documentary TV series.

Here is the link

The book is a free doc download when you enter this site, or you can buy it from Amazon. here for $10.95

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