Ability Teams

A person with a physical ability working with a person who has intellectual ability creates an Ability Team. By combining the strengths of their diverse abilities an ability team can equal or surpass the function of a person with no disabilities.

An example would be a person with Down Syndrome paired with a person with quadriplegia that forms a team that now has full function.  Together as a team, they can accomplish some truly amazing things including professional certifications that involve both physical and intellectual abilities such as providing nursing care to others.

The mission of the Atlanta Volunteers is to train and support the first state recognized Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Ability Team. 

With State certification, the CNA Ability Team can find inclusion in the workplace providing care for other people with disabilities.  

Two names would be on a single state certification and this world wide first would open the door to many other ways ability teams can find meaningful work and inclusion in a wide variety of vocations.

Inclusion in sports, recreation, volunteer activities and employment is supported by the Atlanta Volunteers and we have created a unique competition called the USA Rescue Games to demonstrate what Ability Teams can accomplish.

See our website  “Tropical Adventure Competition” for our progress on  creating jobs for disabled adults at an aquatic center that provides exciting respite care for others and training for Ability Teams.

Our book is our business plan, you can download it free or buy it from Amazon on the homepage of https://tropicaladventurecompetition.com/

Learn about the Atlanta volunteers at https://atlantavolunteers.org or https://meetup.com/atlantavolunteers

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