Tropical Adventure Competition

Tropical Adventure & ENTREPRENEURIAL Competition

The purpose of this competition is to inspire people to train at the aquatic center operated by the disabled scouts of Pack 114.  The aquatic center will later fund and operate a CNA boarding school for other disabled adults.

300 Competitors 

Raising money for the charity, school or cause of their choice!

  • 30 teams represent 30 charities
  • 10 crew members on a team
  • each team sails for one week and creates an exciting adventure
  • the five best adventures win prizes for their charities
  • all charities will benefit

*May include science, biology, naturalist, historian or any other specialty in these positions but they must also fill the Talent or Team leader role for that position
Teams are judged by the 22-minute video they produce that documents the unique adventure they create and by how many people sign up for their adventures.

7 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Cause

  • 5 teams will win the Grand Prize and have the adventure they created,  donated to their charity, school or cause to be sold, auctioned or used for prizes
  • Your team sells adventures and you work as a guide,  instructor, chef, artist, scientist or crew as for your adventure
  • Your teams 22-minute adventure video produce’s customers or revenue from the webcast or cable series
  • You join with other teams to operate your own vessel or charter weeks
  • You produce an entrepreneurial event with local or tropical businesses
  • You receive a share of the total revenue from all teams
  • You teach people locally to qualify as competitors

The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 (C) (3), and the host of the competition.

See our +7,500 members and over 500 events here 

Dolphin Rodeo Inc. is a for-profit corporation that this website and book is about.   They operate the competition as a fundraiser for the Atlanta Volunteers and will employ disabled adults.

Each year the competition becomes more difficult to qualify for and to complete.  The first year is designed to be as easy and as profitable for the competitors as possible.  Only the first year competitors can be self-certifying, grandfathered into other competitions and have the majority of funds going to them.

There is a 300 competitor limit based on the first qualified.

How To Enter

$5 enter this website and download the latest version of the book.  Participate in the forum by submitting ideas, training or participation of your choice.  The top four most active contributors will win an all expense paid sailing week chosen on week 20 of our competition.

1 in every 1,000 people who enter this site will win a one week adventure.

You may also enter as a competitor.

After you enter this site, download and read “The Ability Revolution”.  You then read the qualification requirements and decide if you want to enter as a competitor.

When 100 registrations have been completed, we will schedule crew training.  Competitors will either self-certify or complete 16 hours of crew, sailing & rescue training and then receive a competitor number on a first come basis.  For the first year only, competitors with relevant training, history or certifications, may opt out of local training and self-certify.   For example, a sailor who has been a lifeguard would qualify to opt out by submitting a description of relevant experience, training or qualifications and post this on their profile. For the first year only, anyone can opt out of crew training.

$250 Qualification training and timestamp fee and then…

$500 Competition Registration for the first 100 qualified people. $750 Registration for the next 100 and the last 100 competitors chosen will be based on competition for the next 200 to apply.  The competitors pay for their own airfare and food. The fee covers their week of accommodation, adventure & competition on the sailboat but they must intern as a crewmember for at least 10 hours.

Qualified Competitors are shareholders in a small business corporation and may take tax write-offs for airfare, travel, accommodations, training, equipment and more.  This significantly reduces costs. Competitors are in business to earn money for their favorite charity.   Teams design tropical adventures after researching them during a week of sailing.  Each a week a different team of 10 people along with 2 production staff and 2 crew, produce a 22-minute webcast to market their adventures.  The expected goal is for the teams to raise money for their favorite charity and to pay for all of their own expenses.  Competitors must be profitable within a three-year time limit to provide continuous benefit for the charity, school or cause of their choice or be disqualified. 

Competitors complete or self-certify these requirements to qualify

  • 8 hours of local sailing and crew training
  • 8 hours of local safety training
  • 10 hours offshore internship

Qualification training includes a medical and fitness assessment,  training in basic sailing, basic water rescue, basic navigation and optional resort scuba training.  Use of the local sailboats for experience is free.

Take a look at the qualification paperwork

This last form is optional.  It is only for people who wish to participate in scuba diving.

Some production and crew positions are free or paid positions, but the qualification training must be completed for all crew.  The $250 qualification fee may be waived on a case by case basis.

The competition is limited to 30 teams, there are 10 people on each team.

During the Kick-off event, (first year only) 40% of the net profit supports the Ability Revolution and the CNA Project for disabled adults, 60% supports the charities, schools or causes of the 30 teams.

Each week for 30 weeks a different 10-person team creates a tropical adventure while working as the crew on a sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands.  New locations worldwide will be added each year.

Teams enter the competition by creating a 22-minute video describing their adventure.

Your team needs to be a diverse group to be able to compete in these 5 adventure categories

  • Sailing, boating, scuba and water sports

Competitors in this category will be judged on their knowledge and skill level for aquatic activities.  They will also be scored in teams and as individuals for sailing, boating, and scuba skills.  They will find and plan the best sailing, diving and water sports adventures they can.

  • Medical and disaster relief, rescue & fitness

Competitors in this category will be judged on aquatic rescue and their ability to set-up a disaster relief and primary health care station on shore and then transfer people from shore to the sailboat. They enter fitness competitions designed for rescuers.

  • Science, technology, history, and entrepreneurship

Competitors in this category will use science, technology, history, and entrepreneurship to make their adventures unique.  An example would be developing continuing education hours using ecology or marine biology.  You might use the history of the location to make an engaging presentation.  You may be an entrepreneur and organize businesses both locally and offshore to engage in business activities.

  • Island attractions, art, music, restaurants, beaches, and nightclubs

You might have a musician that is also a chef be part of your adventure, you could develop an itinerary that visits all the best places.  You may connect with local festivals, musicians and artists to make your adventure unique.

  • Video production, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurial activity

This category is judged by the marketing effectiveness of the teams 22-minute video, advertising or their entrepreneurial success in any area

Competitors only compete against each other for the 5 Grand Prizes, they all work together to produce the weekly webcasts.  35% of a competitors point score is based on how well they help other competitors.  They can use video shot by anyone to use in their weekly webcast and can ask for help from anyone, even people not in the competition, for help with their production, marketing, and advertising.

The 22-minute video produced each week will be televised as a webcast or cable series. Revenue or customers from the webcast or cable series is divided equally among all 30 teams.  There is a tremendous potential to easily produce an exciting documentary TV series that could generate over $100,000 per week in broadcast revenue.  Even without broadcast revenue,  this weekly series will sell our adventures and attract people as competitors or passengers.

$1,500 Unqualified passengers (no training, no crew duties) All passengers are on standby and do not pay until 30 days prior to sailing.  The passengers do not qualify for tax write-offs.

Join the forum and send a message requesting passenger status to go on a waiting list.

register, become a competitor, volunteer or BE part of the  production crew

You can download the latest version of the book free, after you register.  ?% of the $5 admission price to enter this site and download the book, goes to support Pack 114, Special Scouts!

This true story, nearing its destination and told in our book and the 35-episode TV documentary series, is the most creative, adventurous, altruistic and practical solution you will ever hear of for transition and assisted living for our disabled or elderly loved ones.

This documentary series follows two stories each week; a healthcare milestone and the tropical adventure competition providing the funding for that milestone.

A first-ever event, a paradigm shift in healthcare should be reached before the year 2020.  This fantastic, heartwarming true story is about Cameron Kindree, a 16 y/o boy with Down Syndrome as he becomes part of that event.

This monumental event will occur when two people with moderate to profound disabilities form an Ability Team and earn state recognition as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  These two people will share a single certification, and this certification will allow them to operate their own business caring for other people who are disabled or who need assisted living care.  A state certified Ability Team employed to care for others is a historic first and an employment and quality of life game changer for disabled populations and elder care.

The story started years ago at an aquatic center located on the shores of Lake Lanier, just north of Atlanta.  A unique change in zoning created an aquatic center that is also a residence, manufacturing business and a boarding school, for people with disabilities.

The Tropical Adventure Competition creates customers for the aquatic center, which later becomes the boarding school for disabled adults and Ability Teams.

This book and website will train 300 competitors to qualify as crew members for their own Tropical Adventure Creation, as 30  teams compete to design the ultimate adventure that provides the funding for the Ability Teams and their goal.

This amazing documentary series record’s monumental events as they unfold and invites anyone to be one of the 300 competitors taking part of history in the making.

How we get to our destination, will be even more amazing as the TV documentary series will show some bizarre inventions such as wood burning underwater, electric vehicles powered by biomass electrical generators and much more. The biomass unit has been in operation since just before the Discovery Channel shot episode 9 of the Ultimate Car Challenge, “The Underwater Vehicle” at our pool called “The Marc Alan Lee Aquatic Center.”  These are just a few examples of a collection of inventions, innovations and paradigm shifts that have all converged at one point, to create a dream for a 16 y/o boy with Down Syndrome.  The dream is simple, the American Dream.  And now, it is time to share it with everyone.

Aerial view of the Aquatic Center, operational and under construction.

Our working prototype biomass heater burning wood underwater Submersible amphibious vehicles from the Discovery Channel, “Ultimate Car Challenge.”

The book is a free doc download when you enter this site, or you can buy it from Amazon. here for $10.95

The kindle download is free inside this website or you can buy it from Amazon here for $3.95